• Year-wise Addition of Restaurant Franchises by the Bajwa Family

    Here is the detail of year-wise addition of Restaurant Franchises of Papa John’s Pizza and Dairy Queen in United States, UAE and Canada and the estimated investment on them.

    YearNumber of Franchises AddedLocationEstimated Investment
    20022Ohio, US$0.6 Million
    20043Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, US$0.9 Million
    200610Youngstown, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania, US$3 Million
    200710Pennsylvania, US  $3 Million
    20082827 in Indiana and Michigan, US and 1 in Ontario, Canada$8.4 Million
    20092Canada$0.6 Million
    2010232 in Canada and 21 in Jacksonville, Florida, US$6.9 Million
    201223Buffalo, Jamestown New York, US Indiana US Illinoi, US (All Franchise stores in 2012 were added after June 2012)$6.9 Million
    20132925 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and 4 in Pennsylvania, US with Jerome Bettis$8.7 Million
    201522 Franchises of Dairy Queen in UAE$0.6 Million
    201621Indiana and Illinois, US$6.3 Million
    201711 Franchise of Dairy Queen in UAE$0.3 Million
    201815Ohio and Wisconsin, US$4.5 Million
    20205Illinois and Wisconsin$1.5 Million
    (Currently 133 are operational)
    US, Canada and US$52.2 Million

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