About Us

Factual, data-driven investigative stories to empower Pakistani citizens.

Comprising a team of dedicated professional journalists known for their work in the field of investigative journalism, we are a Pakistan based digital media news organization working on data-based investigative news stories. We are taking this initiative at our own using our own resources and will strive on a membership model. Our readers will become our members and will support us. In return, we will provide them services.


If we will take any funding for any of our project, we will be transparent about it and will inform our readers through our website.



Vision Statement


At a time when it is difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction, our news outlet is dedicated to accuracy. There is no better way to help solve a society’s problems and countering censorship than giving citizens the fact-based information that they need to make better decisions every day. 



Our Mission 


We strive to hold the powerful accountable. Our reporting is professional, ethical and based entirely on facts — not opinions, rumors or character attacks. 


We challenge censorship whenever and wherever it occurs.


We are fair in our reporting. We examine all sides of a story by interviewing multiple sources, individuals and experts, and use relevant documents and data.


Our work is presented to readers without sensationalism.


We are dedicated to accuracy, and will correct mistakes immediately.


We will investigate bad governance and corruption in all areas. These include – but are not limited to — government, healthcare, poverty, justice and the environment. 


We will rely rarely on anonymous sources. When it is unavoidable, we will give a detailed reasoning for using these sources. Such reasoning could include loss of employment or endangerment to the life of source.  


We will hold other media outlets and social media users accountable when they misreport facts. 


We will be attentive to the information needs of our readers and viewers.


We will be transparent in our newsgathering and reporting process.


We will never accept any advertisements from any government.



Our Team




Usman Manzoor



Consulting Web Editor:

Tahir Imran Mian




Assistant Editor:

Nasir Naveed




Reporting Head:




Reporting Team Islamabad:

Shumaisa Rehman

Amara Shah

Ahmad Noorani

Hassan Noor

Muhammad Usman

Kanwar Naeem




Muhammad Ali




Asif Shehbaz