Important Documents of Broadsheet Case

Usman Manzoor

An investigative journalist

One-stop – for all the important documents relating to Broadsheet case – being released by Fact Focus:





1- Broadsheet LLC Incorporation in Isle of Man Dated May 12, 2000



2- Broadsheet Registered Agent May 2000 Document



3- Change of Shareholders of Broadsheet



4- Broadsheet – NAB Agreement of June 20, 2000



5- International Asset Recovery Limited



6- Final Award Liability Issues – 2016 judgement Broadsheet Vs Government of Pakistan and NAB (Exclusively released by Fact Focus while Pakistan government trying to hide this from general publisc)



7- Arbitration Award – December 17, 2018



8- Arbitration Costs Award – October 10, 2019



9- Farouk Adam Khan Statement Broadsheet Case



10- United Nation’s Report on smuggling of blood gold and involvement of Tariq Fawad Malik (Son-in-law of Lt Gen Naeem Akbar)



12- List of 200 people – Original Documents



13- Tariq Fawad Malik – FBR Record showing company GSA Investments Corp registered at his home address



14- NAB Court Cases (Showing fraud case against Tariq Fawad Malik on Page-381)

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